Dream Log

My dream diary! I won't write all my dreams here since a lot of them are very personal or scary. ^_^

7th November 2019

I was some sort of star divinity. I would separate my soul into two and go to "Earth" when there was a crisis. A person would receive a dream that I sent them with a specific message, then when I arrived on Earth I would give them that message again so they realised I wa s something not human coming to help them. After I helped out I would take the spirit back from the separated body, and the body would go on to the afterlife. I also remember swimming through an ocean trying to hold on to a child, but I was too weak and I let go. But then I went back in time and did it again and I succeeded. I also remember being a child who needed brain surgery and forgot everything after.

15th November 2019

A fish was latched on to my hand and sucking out my blood. It looked like a small flat stingray but it hooked on with claws that came out the sides of its body. I felt like I was gonna pass out.