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My name is Johanna, but most people online call me Sapph!

This is my personal site inspired by my childhood. I spent a lot of time making silly websites as a kid, so I wanted to relive that here.

Here I'll mostly be posting my interests. I want to eventually make some small shrines dedicated to my favourite games and anime.

Thank you so much for visiting! You can link back to me with this handy button:


♡ art

♡ music

♡ old videogames

♡ designing characters

♡ animals/my pets

♡ food and cooking

♡ plushies

♡ Tamagotchi

Favourite Videogames

♡ Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo

♡ Baroque

♡ Kirby

♡ Terranigma

♡ Castlevania

♡ Bomberman

♡ Mega Man

♡ Touhou

Favourite Bands

♡ Asaki


♡ Deadman

♡ Shinsei Kamattechan

♡ Plastic Tree

♡ Buck-Tick

♡ Sukekiyo